Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl, Deep Space, Kepler, Help Wanted and More

Tom Terrific
Super Bowl: Congrats! To the New England patriots for their fourth ring. Loved the look on Tom Brady’s face when Jermaine Kearse mad that incredible juggling catch at the end of the fourth quarter. Brady must have seen ghosts of Mario Manningham and David Tyree trying to rob him of another Super Bowl ring. 

As usual, the commercials were great. Well, most of them. The Nationwide Insurance commercial was a real downer and I’m surprised an exec there signed off on it. 

Did You Know: Deep within the bowels of our Milky Way Galaxy, there is another solar system that is like a miniature replica of our own. Except this planetary system is just a tad older — by about 7 billion years. This is an incredible study thanks to the Kepler Spacecraft. More on Kepler in Wednesday’s post that you’ll definitely want to come back for. 
Kepler Space Telescope

Of course, when discoveries like this are made, the search for intelligent life beyond Earth heats up again. That assumes that there is intelligent life here. Reference 

Fun Fact: Space X Mega Rocket: Now this is a rocket! Space X is competing with NASA on a new generation of rockets that will take mankind into deep space, then return them back to Earth to use again. Checkout this quick video.


Help Wanted: Want to be more than a participant of this amazing yearly blogging challenge? You can by joining the A to Z Team and helping us. 

No heavy lifting required. Each co-host has the responsibility to visit a certain block of participants every day of the event. This way, everyone is visited. This is important as those who sign up later and are at the end of the sign up list are not forgotten. 

So we’re looking for people who will help us visit these participants. For example, I’m looking for helpers to visit a minimum of five blogs each day of the event. That's all. Just five. You can keep the same five or have five new ones each day. 

This will be a great way for you to meet new people, expand your social networking, and gain additional exposure.  So if you're up to this, leave a comment or email me at

Finally: Check out my 2015 Celestial Calendar Tab above. Its a treasure trove of really cool celestial events, most of which can be seen right from your backyard with the naked eye, binoculars, or an average store bought telescope.

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