Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome Back, 2015 Celestial Newsletter, Galavant, and More

Welcome Back! Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday season with family and friends. Wishing peace, health, and prosperity to you and yours for 2015! We get to start anew with a clean slate in many areas. 

New Year’s Resolution: One of my resolutions is to read current books. I’m usually a few years behind. Case in point: I’m currently reading the first Game of Thrones Book twelve years after the fact. Still, a great read though. 

In 2014 there were about 35 movies released based on books. I’ve seen Unbroken, Mockingjay, The Imitation Game, Maze Runner, Gone Girl, and Hundred Foot Journey among others. 

2015 promises more of the same. So I’m going to read a few of the books before the movie is released. I’m starting with The Martian by Andy Weir then moving to Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith. 

A Cat From Murcat Manor
Murcat Manor: Still in the editing stage. I’m looking for a new title for the book as the initial feedback for Murcat Manor was not very good. More on this on Wednesday’s IWSG post. 

I’ll start the querying process this week and send out about a hundred to a list of various agents and publishers. We’ll see what happens. Oh, and I need to finish the cover art.

In the meantime I’m cleaning up my blog beginning with the Tab Pages. I took a look at them and realized how sloppy they look. But I think I’ve got them looking pretty good. Now to work on the side columns. 

2015 Celestial Newsletter: Last year I made a celestial Calendar for one of my Tab Pages. This year I’ve expanded it to a once a month newsletter that contains lots of cool and rare astronomical events you can see from your back yard along with other cool tidbits. I encourage you to at least check it out. 

So take a moment to check out the 2015 Celestial Calendar TAB at the top for more info, or simply fill out the form below. I only ask for your first name an email address that I’ll never compromise to anyone. Ever. Unsubscribe at any time. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. 

Galavant: I’m looking forward to the four week run of Galavant on Sunday nights on ABC. It's billed as a Medieval Geek Smorgasbord similar to Monty Python and mel Brooks films. Combine this with slap stick humor and Weird Al Yankovic and I’ll give it a try.

Finally: Have any books you've lined up to read for 2015? Ready for the first IWSG of 2015? Watching Galavant? And don't forget to sign up for the 2015 Celestial calendar. Give it a try and check out what's on tap for this month. You'll be truly amazed at our amazing universe.

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