Tuesday, January 6, 2015

IWSG, A New Title, and Cute Fuzzy Meerkats

IWSG: Hi everyone, my name is Stephen Tremp and this is my post for the monthly IWSG hosted by Alex Cavanaugh

I’ve been blogging for about five years. I am a self professed writer with my fourth book in the final editing stage and two more on the drawing board. I embrace science and the supernatural and believe that together they explain the universe and our place in it. I also use this premise to write one of a kind thrillers. I live in Orange County, CA with my wife, kids, dog, parrot, and hamster. 

Warm and Fuzzy Meerkats of Meerkat Manor
My concern this month is the title of my book Murcat Manor. I chose the word Murcat because it’s a combination of “murder” and “cat.” It is also the name of the bed and breakfast where everything takes place.

But I surveyed a group of people who felt the name needed to be changed as most thought of those cute and cuddly Meerkats from the hit TV show Meerkat Manor. So I’m hoping to get some ideas here for a new title. 

Below are two quick blurbs of the book. A full synopsis is on the Murcat Manor Tab above if you want to take a look. 

A four hundred year old evil is unleashed when disembodied souls of the daughters of those killed during the Salem Witch Trials find a new generation of people to murder at a popular bed and breakfast owned by a young unsuspecting couple. 

Murcat Manor
Spend a summer at a present day bed and breakfast called Murcat Manor, and you too could become a victim of thirteen gifted and malicious killers from late seventeenth century New England. 

The name of the bed and breakfast will remain Murcat Manor. But I do need to find a new title for the book. My editor suggested these titles: 

* A Manor of Murder 
* Nine Lives to Murder 
* Some Witches Never Die 
* The Cats 
* Bed, Breakfast and Death 
* Your Cats Want to Kill You 

If you feel so inspired, please leave a title in the comments. 

Finally: Once again I've put together a Celestial Calendar and made it into a monthly newsletter. 2015 promises to be an exciting one for astronomy buffs. 

Many rare and notable heavenly events will occur in our night sky that can be seen right from your back yard. So take a moment to see what's on tap as this year will be full of awe and wonder as we explore our solar system and continue to unlock the secrets of our universe. 

Simply click the 2015 Celestial Calendar Tab above or CLICK HERE.