Thursday, October 30, 2014

Weekend Follies aka WEP October Challenge

Happy Halloween everyone. Here is my post for the WEP October Challenge, sponsored by Denise Covey at Write ... Edit ... Publish. Okay, here we go. Enjoy! 

Carla and Darla, twin sisters and cheerleaders, dressed as cheerleaders, entered the night club already half drunk. The room vibrated and pulsed from the music the DJ channeled through the speakers. 

Carla scanned the room. “Look. Over there.” 

“Clever Halloween costumes,” Darla said facetiously, smacking her gum. "Why is everyone here dressed like zombies? Like, gross, you know? And like, totally unoriginal.” 

Carla tugged on her sister's arm. “Let’s go to the bar. As always, we’ll find more than enough men to buy us drinks.” 

Halfway to there, the music ceased. Everyone in the club looked at Carla and Darla. They growled and groaned as they left the dance floor and bar seats, circling the twins and closing in. 

“Argghh,” said one zombie. 

“Gghhrrgg,” gurgled another. 

“Ewwww,” Darla said, waving her hand in front of her face and scrunching nose. “They have brain breath.” 

“That’s because they really are zombies,” Carla cried out. “Let’s go.” 

Darla looked around. “We can’t we’re surrounded.” 

“What ... what do you want,” Carla said to the zombies through a face full of terrified tears.” 

“Brains,” the zombie crowd gurgled in unison, their eyes dangling out of their sockets and clawed and bloodied hands stretched out toward the twins. “We want to eat your brains.” 

Carla and Darla hugged each other and closed their eyes. 

“Brains. We want to eat your brains.” 

“Well, sis, I guess this is it," Carla said. "We’re leaving this world by being eaten by zombies.” 

Darla opened one eye and saw the zombie herd inches away. "I just wished they brushed their teeth first."

After a minute, Carla opened her eyes. She saw the zombies shuffle to the dance floor and their seats. The music pumped loud to Oingo Boingo's Dead Man's Party.

Carla placed her hands on her cheer leader skirt hips and shouted, “Hey. What’s going on? Why aren't you eating us? What's the matter? Aren't we good enough for you?” 

One zombie standing next to then leaned in and said in blood laden breath, “You’re cheerleaders. You don’t have any brains. Um .... can I buy you ladies a drink?” 

 Rim shot please! Now enjoy this classic Oingo Boingo song set to this  The Nightmare Before Christmas clip.  This is classic, folks. You'll want to take a few minutes to appreciate this.