Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Monday!!!

Hi everyone, as always, thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a safe and fun weekend!
Better Late Than Never
A couple weeks ago I ordered copies of Breakthrough and Opening. I planned to sell them by the beach over the weekend. They arrived late Friday via UPS. Talk about cutting it close.
The fam and I spent the day getting fresh air and hanging around the boardwalk in Balboa Island, CA. Nothing Fancy. Just my books, an old sign I used to use at book signings, and my smiling face. I sold some books and met some very interesting people from around the world.
One guy immediately recognized the background of the cover art as Boston as he we from the area. What an easy ice breaker. And he bought a copy! It's fun when things like this happen.
IWSG: Don't forget Alex Cavanaugh's Insecure Writers Support Group is this Wednesday. I have my post ready to go!
Did You Know: These are the names of our closest 10 stars:

Star name
Distance from Earth in light years
Proxima Centauri
Alpha Centauri (binary star)
Barnard's Star
Wolf 359
Lalande 21185
Sirius (binary star)
Luyten 726-8 (binary star)
Ross 154
Ross 248


Unfortunately, none of these stars are believed to have planets that could support life. Reference
Fun Fact: The closest known such planet, referred to as a ‘super earth’ is located 42 light years away. The huge planet is thought to be in the perfect place in its six-planet solar system to have liquid water, atmosphere and distinct 'days' and 'nights' - thought to be crucial life.
The huge rocky planet - seven times the size of our Earth orbits its star, at a similar distance to Earth's orbit around our Sun, so it receives a similar amount of energy from the star as the Earth receives from the Sun - increasing the probability of it being habitable. Reference

The New Dr. Who: Thanks to Old Kitty for the news on the next Dr. Who. It’s Peter Capaldi. Reference
W4WS: A reminder this month Wednesday August 21st is Writers4Writers (W4W). We will spotlight a couple amazing writers: Thanks to Old Kitty for the news on the next Dr. Who. It’s Peter Capaldi. Carrie Butler and Thanks to Old Kitty for the news on the next Dr. Who. It’s Peter Capaldi. C. Lee McKenzie.
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