Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bits And Pieces

Black Hole Sunday: This Sunday on the Discovery Science Channel is Black Hole Sunday! Lots of programming regarding just about everything you want to know about black holes, supermassive black holes, a series on How the Universe Works, and of course Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. Cool stuff! 

If you don't have the Science Discovery Channel then I encourage you to contact your cable provider and ask them for the channel. You'll be glad you did! 

Women of Science: I have another Women of Science series coming up. I did this last year and the response was one of the best I ever had. I have five fascinating posts lined up for July. 

Attention Self-Pubbed Authors: I saw this link on Old Kitty's blog Ten Lives and Second Chances on Monday. HERE'S something for you fans of self-published authors! Nominate your fave self-pubbed author and the Guardian newspaper will interview them and highlight their novels!  

Mary Pax and Backworlds: Congrats! to MPax and her success with Backworlds and her recent Free Download promotion with Kindle. Backworlds reached #23 on Amazon's Best Seller Rank for Free Downloads and hit #1 for Adventure and Space Opera! 

Guest Bloggers: I'm lining up some really awesome guest bloggers for the summer. I hope you liked Monday's post with Timothy Ashby. And I have more open days. If you want to guest blog here, email me at 

Author Of The Week: This week it's Tyrean Martinson Dragon fold and Other Adventures, a collection of new and old stories and poems with fantasy and scifi elements. Just click the icon at the top right of my side bar.

Finally: When all else fails and you think you're out of gas and can't move foprward, take the advice from the Penguins of Madagascar. Just Smile and Wave.