Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July IWSG and the 2018 Roswell UFO Festival

Hello everyone and as always thanks for stopping by and saying hello! The July 2018 IWSG is brought to you by Alex J. Cavanaugh and his team of co-hosts Nicki Elson, Juneta Key, Tamara Narayan and Patricia Lynn

July 3 question What are your ultimate writing goals, and how have they changed over time (if at all)? 

Mine are the same as they have always been; write more books. I’ve taken on a few side hustles but am about ready to jump right back into some really cool projects that I’ve done most of the research and grunt work. I have a timeline and it should be smooth sailing from here. 

2018 Roswell UFO Festival The annual 2018 Roswell UFO Festival in Roswell New Mexico follows the Fourth of July and takes place July 5 – 8. This event hosts tens of thousands of people (and aliens?) every year. In fact, there were 38,000 visitors last year. 

The City of Roswell invites UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike to join in the celebration of one of the most debated incidents in history. The three-day event will feature guest speakers, authors, live entertainment, a costume contest, parade, a pet costume contest, parade, family-friendly activities and more. 

The majority of big events are free. These include the Free Movie, Pet and Human Costume Contests, Light Parade and so much more. No charge to take selfies in the NASA suit, free alien autopsies, alien hat making and crafts. Some of the vendors, the UFO Museum and the Roswell Planetarium charge nominal fees. 

Question What are your ultimate writing goals? And do you believe we are alone in this universe or is there intelligent life from beyond our solar system and are they here somewhere?

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