Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January 2018 IWSG

Hello everyone. Hope you all had a fun and safe holiday season! It’s a brand new year and time for fresh start in many areas of your life you need or want. Sometimes you need to build a brand new spanking door from scratch from your own needs and wants for opportunity to come knocking. 

And let’s give it up for this month’s IWSG contributors and be sure to stop by and give them some love: Alex J. Cavanaugh, Tyrean Martinson, Ellen@TheCynicalSailor, Megan Morgan, Jennifer Lane and Rachna Chhabria

What steps have you taken or plan to take to put a schedule in place for your writing and publishing? 

I’ve actually devised such a daring and dastardly plan. I have a series of short stories outlined. I think they are all winners and many have to do with how we react to visitations from our intergalactic neighbors. There is even a lot of humor in some of the stories. 

Then there is the MG / YA series I’ve been working on set to begin in the year 2099. Here is the tagline (from the year 2099): 

“We’ve spent the past 100 years searching the nighttime skies for habitable planets and signs of intelligent life; but they found us first.” 

I’ve been nickel and diming my way through this and it won’t take much to fill it out and complete the first of the five books of the series. 

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Oh By The Way Here’s to a healthy and prosperous New Year to you and yours. 

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Question What are your writing plans for 2018?

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