Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Tribute To The Professor, Mr. Kincaid, And The Return Of The Weekend Follies

The Professor
I have to take a moment and give tribute to Russell Johnson, aka The Professor from Gilligan's Island who just passed away at the age of 89.
His dry humor was the perfect ying to the mad cap slapstick yang of the other characters.
That leaves Mary Ann, Ginger, and Gilligan. I noted on Facebook how it's funny we don't call them by their real names.

Mr. Kincaid
Wow! As I'm writing this at the last minute, another actor from my childhood just passed. Dave Madden, or Mr. Kincaid from the Partridge Family has also left he. He was 82.

I remember the first episode where The Partridge Family needed a manager and Ruben Kincaid declined numerous attempts from Danny to take them on.

Then, Danny followed Mr. Kincaid into a restroom and to the stall next to him. He slid a tape recorder with a demo song under the stall wall and hit PLAY. Kincaid loved the song and signed them.

Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do to get recognized.

RIP, gentlemen. You will be missed.
Okay, on to something on a lighter note. I'm not much of a zombie guy, but I did like the movie Zombieland. Here is a quick clip from a appearance from Bill Murray. Enjoy!


  1. Sad they are gone. I watched those shows as a kid. Really weird to think the actors we grew up with are now dying. Really sad, actually.
    That was one of the best scenes in Zombieland.
    Glad to see the weekend follies are back!

  2. Neither programmes were things we saw in the UK so these actors don't mean much to me. However, there are lots of actors my generation used to watch who are also dying off. It's always very sad.

    1. Jo, you don't know what you're missing. Gilligan's Island is a National treasure to those of my generation on this side of The Pond.

  3. The Professor was my favorite character even though he didn't get top billing. The Partridge Family was such a fun show.

  4. The Professor kept all the crazy in check. I loved his character.

  5. It is sad to see these people from a time gone by leave. But they will live in in syndication and Nick At Nite.

  6. I remember laughing at Johnson's work as well. I read where he said he had difficulty getting a job because he was typecasted after Gilligan, but he was still proud of the work they did to make people laugh. I was sorry to read that only two of the cast members are now living from that old show.

    Enjoy your weekend, Stephen.

  7. So sorry to hear that they both have passed on. I remember watching both of those shows.

  8. The Professor was my favorite character from Gilligan's Island.

    I LOVE Zombieland, except I hate the ending where the writer(s) made the female characters, who had been smart, savvy, self-sufficient and one step ahead of the male characters the whole way through, make a dumb decision so they had to be rescued and so the writers could have a huge blow out gory ending.

    Wow. Sorry about that rant, there. I guess I don't love that movie as much as I thought. lol!

    Nice tribute to some fun actors. Thanks!

  9. I was sorry to hear about these deaths yesterday! Hard to believe. And the Professor was well into his 80s, I think.

    I liked that part of Zombieland, too...

  10. I just noticed the video clip of Bill Murray dying, along with The Professor and Mr. Kincaid passing, gives my post an ominous theme.

  11. I'm not sure I would classify either as "great" actors, but certainly notable and from a vintage and class that is quickly fading from Hollywood. Prayers to their families. I'm glad they lived life well.

  12. Too bad about Russell Johnson and Dave Madden. I dimly remember "The Partridge Family" but not that specific episode, I really enjoyed "Gilligan's Island" though. I loved "Zombieland" and Bill Murray as a zombie. So funny! :)

  13. Gilligan is dead, too...