Monday, March 7, 2016

Jupiter is Here! 5th Wave, Moonshot and Zootopia

March 8 Jupiter at Opposition Hey folks, this is super dooper cool!!! The giant planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the sun. It will be brighter than at any other time of the year and will be visible all night long. This is the best time to view and photograph Jupiter and its moons. 

A medium-sized telescope should be able to show you some of the details of Jupiter’s cloud bands. A good pair of binoculars should allow you to see Jupiter’s four largest moons, appearing as bright dots on either side of the planet. Weather permitting, do whatever you have to do to check out this incredible and amazing celestial event! 

What I’m Reading I just finished The Fifth Wave. It was good and even great in places. I did speed read through some of the teen lovey dovey stuff. Over all I give the book a 4 star. I’ll have to watch the movie once it hits the two dollar theatre. 

I started Moonshot by John Sculley, former CEO of Pepsi and Apple. Sculley argues every entrepreneur now needs to think and act like one of those elite entrepreneurs who could go the extra mile and cause disruptive change… It’s time to adopt the adaptive innovator entrepreneur mindset principles, capitalize on the game-changing new technologies, and go for the gold. 

Moonshot Term in Silicon Valley reserved for just a few of the most important innovations that reset everything following after them i.e., the Apple II, the Mac, the World Wide Web, Google, and the iPhone are examples.

I’m only 10% into it. So far so good. I'm already inspired to do or write something great! I’ll finish it this week and give my rating next week’s post. 

Finally Took the fam to see Zootopia Sunday. Fun film with a theme of tolerance that I think intolerant people and those who think they are tolerant but are just as bad should watch. I give it a solid 5 Star! 

Worth the $12.75 per ticket and $25.75 in popcorn and Coke Regal Cinemas gouged me for.

Question Are you making an effort to see Jupiter, preferably with binoculars or a telescope. You can also see it with the naked eye, weather permitting. Whatcha reading? Seen any good movies lately?

I’m exploring different types of dreams and their meanings during the #AtoZChallenge at Stephen Tremp’s Breakthrough Blogs I’m exploring different types of dreams and their meanings. Stephen Tremp’s Breakthrough Blogs I’m exploring different types of dreams and their meanings. Stephen Tremp’s Breakthrough Blogs