Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lost and Found: The Valentine’s Edition

Hi all, today is one of the first Blogfests for 2016, this one called Lost and Found: The Valentine’s Edition brought to you by these fine sponsors: Arlee Bird, Guilie Castilol-Oriard, Elizabeth Seckman, Yolanda Renee, Denise Covey, and Alex Cavanaugh.

Do you remember that special feeling of love found? And who hasn't experienced the emotional experience of love lost? Some of you might have even lost a love only to find that person later for another go around. Tell your story about love lost or found in our special Valentine's blogfest. 

Your post can be a short fiction, an essay, poetry, or even a song--let your imagination run free. Any genre is fair game, be it romance, historical fiction, memoir, or even science fiction. After all there are no limitations when it comes to love. Post your entry, along with the badge, and visit other participants on Monday! 
Rubino’s Medium with Pepperoni and Sausage

Pizza Good ol’ fashioned pizza from a single family-owned pizzeria serving the best damn pizza around. Domino's? Pizza Hut? Papa Johns? Fuggediboutit! I’ll spend the extra ten dollars and get a real manly-man pizza pie oozing with lots of homemade sweet and spicy sauce and real mozzarella cheese and whatever meats or fresh garden toppings I’m in the mood to eat. 
Ciao's Large Pepperoni

My two favorite such places are Ciao’s Italian on Balboa Island and Rubino’s in Mission Viejo. Sure, a large two topping pizza is $20.00 with tax. But you know once you take your first bit into the steaming hot slice of pizza where the extra money went and that it’s worth every dime! 

Question What is one of your Lost and Found?