Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bad Girls of the Bible, BookSends Results, Cold War Space and Spy Kitties, Harley Quinn and More!

Monday I’m visiting C. Lee McKenzie at The Write Game. The topic is a fun one: Bad Girls of the Bible

Book Promos I mentioned last week I did a paid promo with BookSends. I rarely do this. Never really needed to in the past as I had my books in Borders Books and Barnes and Nobles and did books signings and social networking and such. Free is good! 

But now Borders Books is gone and Barnes and Nobles acts like that girl who promised to go to the prom with me but at the last minute changed her mind and then pretends like she never knew me. 

So I needed a boost and used BookSends. The results are pretty good. I made my money back and then some and got a decent ranking of 5,000 with a Top Ten ranking in the Witches and Wizards sub-genre. The book held a decent ranking for the week and through the weekend. 

The Verdict Is In I've used BookSends three times and each time it paid for itself and I received a really nice boost on my Amazon ranking that sustained itself for a solid week. There are some freebie promo sites like BookSends I’ll try as November rolls on. 

Fun Fact The first cat in space was French. She was named Felicette, or “Astrocat.” She survived the trip. 

I'm Incognito Kitty
Did You Know In the 1960s, the CIA tried to turn a cat into a bonafide spy by implanting a microphone into her ear and a radio transmitter at the base of her skull. She somehow survived the surgery but got hit by a taxi on her first mission. 

Who Am I My name is Stephen Tremp and I write speculative fiction. My fourth novel, Salem’s Daughters, is supernatural thriller. 

Short Blurb Spend a summer at a present day bed and breakfast called Murcat Manor, and you too could become a victim of thirteen gifted and malicious killers from late seventeenth century New England. 

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
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Question Do you have a favorite Bad Girl? I’m looking ahead to Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in next year’s movie release Suicide Squad.