Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Road Trip! A to Z T-Shirts!! Character Logs!!!

Who’s Up For A Road Trip? I know I am. But at a much more leisurely pace than the A to Z Challenge. Yep, it’s that time for the 5th Annual Post-Challenge Road. Just find a happy speed and hit cruise control, lower the windows, and play your favorite music. This trip, however, is a meandering journey through the list of participants, at your own pace, with your own rules, and very few expectations. 

I know I missed a TON of amazing blogs during this year's Challenge. We had almost 2,000 participants sign up and over 1,500 finish. Like most of you I missed visiting most. But now is an opportunity to hit the road and discover all the blogs still out there, waiting to be found. Simply hop over to the A to Z Main Website for more info by Clicking Here

A to Z T-Shirts: Don’t be the last on your block to get one. You can order your T-Shirt by Clicking Here. Will there be A to Z Commemorative Plates? Time will tell. 

Character Log: I mentioned Character Logs on a recent post and some of you asked if I could post one. Here is my Character Log for Debbie Stevens, the wife of Bob Stevens and protagonists of Salem’s Daughters. 

Full Name: Debbie Elaine Stevens 

Nickname (if any): Husband Bob has various pet names for her.

Gender: Female 

Age: 26 

Height: 5”6” 

Weight: 125 

Body Type: Athletic and shapely

Race: Causasian 

Skin Tone: Fair 

Eyes: Hazel 

Hair: Blonde 

Voice type: Soprano 

Distinguishing Features: Blonde hair shoulder length. Athletic body. A few freckles she’s not ashamed of. Doesn’t need to wear a lot of makeup. Not snobby and doesn’t feel like she needs to wear expensive clothes or put up a front. Funny with a sense of humor, sometimes over the top. Outgoing extrovert, but has wisdom and thinks before she speaks. Usually. Naturally bounding with energy. Very confident in herself. She’s sexy and she knows it, but doesn’t flaunt it. Other people like her right away. 

Occupation: Leaves day job at American Credit Services (Customer Service Supervisor) to start up Old Country Tuscany Olive Oil with three female friends. That venture falls through and she and Bob start up a bed and breakfast called Murcat Manor.

Sexual Persuasion: Heterosexual 

Favorite Words, Phrases, Expletives: Leave it to me. Don’t Worry. I’ll take care of it. Trust me, I’ve got this. 

Role/Relation To Other Main and Minor Characters: Robert (Bob) Jeremy Steven’s wife. Granddaughter of Ross and Erma Dempsey who co-sign and finance the three and a half million dollar loan to build Murcat Manor.

Hobbies and Interests: True visionary and entrepreneur. Loves interior decorating and cooking large meals for lots of people. Artsy. Always wanted to start a business venture. So starting Old Country Tuscany Olive Oil, then Murcat Manor from the ground, up, is no problem at all. 

Spiritual, Religion, Faith, Beliefs, Other (or not): Protestant Baptist, but not too conservative. Will hold up a hand or two during worship. Drinks wine and occasional Scotch. 

Origin of Birth and Present Location: Born and raised on the west side of Lansing. Bachelors degree Michigan State University in interior design. Lived in Caledonia (outside Grand Rapids), Michigan when she married Bob. Now lives in countryside between Battle Creek and Marshall where Murcat Manor was built.

Background – Family (including parents, siblings) Education, Notable Life Experiences: Third youngest of four kids. Two older siblings have children and pains Debbie that she does not have any, especially during Christmas family gathering. Younger brother Brendan Collins and his wife Christie have speaking roles in Chapter Twelve: Christmas Eve at Erma’s. Parents and grandparents in furniture business. Design and manufacture domestic sofas, chairs, and tables. 

Additional Notes (to begin with and to expand upon as story develops): Debbie does what she usually would do when overwhelmed by stress. Fold her arms on the table and buries her head in them. Or when driving looks out passenger window and remains unusually silent. Drives Ford Explorer. 

Who Could Play Character in a Movie: Scarlett Johannson.