Tuesday, May 5, 2015

IWSG, Salem's Daughters, and Trilogy Box Sets

IWSG: It’s that time again for the monthly Insecure Writers Support Group, the brainchild of Alex Cavanaugh. I’m co-hosting for Captain Ninja Alex this month, along with Lisa Buie-Collard, Eva Solar, and Melanie Schulz. And right after A to Z. Yay me! Somebody send me a straight jacket

This month I have a dilemma but after a bit of brainstorming the solution was obvious. I wanted to release Salem’s Daughters, previously titled Murcat Manor, this Labor Day Weekend. But my critique group and some of the agents and publishers I queried gave me feedback that put everything on hold. 

Nothing earth shattering. Just some minor tweaks here and there that are easily fixed. That being said, I’ve started querying again and have to be realistic October (the month of Halloween) would be a much better target date. 

I'll Have a More Professional Image Soon
Silver Lining: I’m combining the Breakthrough trilogy into one e-book box set. That’s kind of the thing now and many of these e-book box sets are hitting Amazon Top 100 rankings in sub genres. 

So all is not lost. I have some promos involved to reach brand new audiences. We’ll see what happens. But I’m excited that I’ll have two releases for this year. The Breakthrough Trilogy Box Set this Labor Day Weekend and Salem’s Daughters in October. 

Question: Have you had to shuffle release dates and put things on hold knowing it's better this way?