Sunday, March 8, 2015

3.14, National Wormhole Week, Hello Kitty Book Marks, and More!

2014 National Wormhole Week
3.14: This week we celebrate Dr. Albert Einstein’s birthday. It’s March 14. Einstein was born in 1879 in Ulm, Germany 136 years ago. He died April 18, 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey. 

Also, pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. People often approximate pi. For many purposes you can use 3.141592653 (see T-shirts below). There's some nerd humor here.

Normally, I do a National Wormhole Blog Hop the week of Einstein's birthday. I’ve even filed to make March 14 National Wormhole Day. The point here is simply to bring attention and awareness to the youth of today and help inspire kids to get excited about science, astronomy, and math. Enough of Kim Kardashian’s photoshoped butt. 

2013 National Wormhole Week 
Everyone is so busy this year with this and that I’m skipping the Blog Hop. But you can still have fun with National Wormhole Week. Check out these awesome men and women’s T-shirts and hoodies in all shapes and sizes and colors commemorating this day Click Here

And next year, I promise we’ll have an epic National Wormhole Week for the ages! Hmmmm .... maybe you can help me with a theme for 2016. No time like the present to start planning. Unless of course you have a time traveling wormhole parked in the garage like I do. Then you can do it any time you damn well please.

Stupid Querying
It’s Query Time: Yep, I’m sending out my query letter to a gazillion agents and the New York Big Six imprint publishers. We’ll see what happens. I’ve had offers from smaller publishers with the Breakthrough series, but I respectfully declined as I just didn’t see the benefit. So it's all or nothing with a publisher. 

Salem’s Daughters ARCS: If you are interested in reading an Advanced Review Copy of Salem’s Daughters, email me at or leave a comment. You can read the synopsis Here or simply click the Salem’s Daughters tab above. 

And a very big thanks to everyone who commented on the cover designs and gave their feedback on last Wednesday’s post. You’re all the absolute bestest! 

Hello Kitty Book Mark
Bookmarks: Still my favorite, cheapest, and most effective bookmark ever. I never lose my page. 

Question: Do you have a favorite book marker? What's your take on querying? Any suggestions on what to do for 2016 National Wormhole week? Interested in reading an ARC for Salem's Daughters?