Sunday, February 22, 2015

Writing, Editing, Promoting Ideas and Such

Hi all, and as always, thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Hope you all had a great weekend! I thought I’d share a few things I’m doing in the world of writing, editing, and promoting. Sorry, no wormholes today.

Breakthrough Trilogy Remix: As I wrap up Salem’s Daughters and begin writing a new MG series, I’m concerned the breakthrough trilogy will ride off into the sunset and fade away forever. I'm not ready for that to happen, so I’m going to try something new. 

I’ve noticed a number of trilogies packaged together as a Trilogy Digital Box Set these days and the authors are running various promotions. They’re using daily emails from BookBub, BookSends, eReader, The Fussy Librarian and such and social networking while discounting the cost to a range of $0.99 - $2.99. I’ve seen many of these sets break into the Best Sellers in Kindle Store. And most are self-published or with a very small publisher. 

So I’m Taking The Plunge: As I combined the three MSs into one over the weekend, I soon realized how much formatting I need to correct. Time for a Breakthrough Trilogy makeover. I’m getting real good at this and will have everything ship shape this week. I’ll have to take a new picture of the three books together. The common image is three physical books in a cardboard case (even though they are ebooks), such as Susan Kaye Quinn’s The Mindjack Trilogy

As of Sunday afternoon I checked the Top Paid 100 and The Billionaire's Obsession: The Complete Collection Boxed Set was at #73. This is one of those smutty slutty romance series that can make a sailor blush. No, I haven’t read them. The David Chronicles: Boxed Set (Historical Fiction) is at #4,000 as of this writing, but was #75 last week. This is also a self-published series. And there are many more similar success stories like this and I aim to be one of them. 

Salem’s Daughters: I’ll be getting my final edits back early this week and can’t wait to go through and do the accept/reject thing. I’ll do the query thing but am not afraid to go it alone. Along with Breakthrough, Opening, Escalation and the Breakthrough Trilogy Collection, Salem’s Daughters will be my fifth book. 

New Publishing Company: I’m a busy man these days. I also started a new publishing company. Name to be announced in a week or so. Nothing fancy. I just feel it’s time to have a publishing name for my nooks as it looks a little more professional. 

Daily Emails: Speaking of BookSends, eReader, The Fussy Librarian and other daily emails (BookBub turned me down) I'll be promoting Breakthrough and Escalation this week. I'll let you know how this worked and if it was worth the small cost.

Finally: Sign-ups for the 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge are already under way. As of this post there are exactly 200 participants! If you have done it before, you know how much fun it is (good for you!) and if you have not, this is your chance to give it a try!