Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunflowers For Tina, Selfie Blog Hop, and Bouchercon 2014

Sunflowers for Tina: As most if not all know, Tina Downey recently passed. She was an amazing blogger, writer, and a co-host of the Blogging A to Z Team. It’s always difficult to lose someone from our blogging community. 

Tina’s Motto is (I’ll leave it in the present tense) Life Is Good. This is part of the legacy she left behind. Simple yet powerful and effective. 

If Tina had a visual to be remembered by, it is the sunflower. And for those so inspired, we are planting a sunflower in her honor. If you want to contribute donations to the Downey Education Fund, simply click the icon on the left column. 

Selfie Blog Hop: Sponsored by Tara Tyler and a host of co-conspirators (click the Selfie Blog Hop Badge on the left column). The objective: Take a picture of you and your book(s) - your favorites or your own novels. Or you can just arrange the books in a special way and take the picture - but you do get extra points for being in the photo. 

Well. I’m not in the photo as a good friend of mine Bill Buzzo put this awesome image together of my books surrounded by some of Michigan’s (where I was born and raised) finest sports venues. And if you’ve read any of Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind books, he’s also from Michigan. Thanks Bill! 

Writer Conferences: Have you gone to or will be going to any conferences this year? I’m going to the Bouchercon Conference (Murder At The Beach) in Long Beach, CA November 13-16. I may even participate, depending on the cost of a booth. I wonder if authors can share a booth and split the costs?