Sunday, May 4, 2014

A to Z Roundup

Hey everyone, a great big round of congrats!, high fives, fist pumps, and what not for everyone who participated in the A to Z Challenge.
April started off with a bang for me and I was off and running. But about mid way through the month life was interrupted. Emergency room visits (everyone’s okay) combined with my PC and laptop infected with malware were the main culprits.
Somebody attempted to download something on both devices (the kids) and that’s where the trouble began. If anyone has had problems with Redirect, AdSense, AdBull, and such you know what I mean. They completely take over your computer and fill your screen with ads. Try to click out of one and two more appear. Then it's like a game of Space Invaders trying to get rid of pop ups that just keep coming.

This Is What My Screens Looked Like. Pretty Much.
Performance is turtle speed at best. And the two local guys I trust to fix my computers were not available. Toss in a few other unforeseen events and it was a very difficult second half of April. Anyway, I had fun. Just not as much fun as I could have if life was not interrupted.
On The Upside: I dusted off a WIP from a couple years ago I outlined called Murcat Manor. It's a play on words. Mur for Murder and Cat for, well ... Cat. Murcat Manor I rock and rolled on it over this past weekend and am up to fifteen thousand words already.

Template for Murcat Manor
This will be a paranormal psychological thriller horror story with a synopsis soon to follow in an upcoming post.
I’ll be looking for an Indie publisher for this one. Thought I would try it out and see how having a publisher could work for me. If you have any advice or know of really good Indie publishers, please leave them in the comments. And Congrats!
Again to all who participated in A to Z!