Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winding Down 2013

Jacket For Each Year's Recipient
Cheersfest 2013 2.0 Warp Up: You have to admit, that was a lot of fun! Honoring and roasting a deserving person such as Lee was worth the effort. I’m still laughing at the Facebook tagline for Lee’s jacket. The ladies were the most creative. Hahahahaha! See what I mean?
Lee’s Facebook Jacket: Speaking of “the jacket” I think Lee should donate it (c’mon, Lee don’t try to jive us and say it’s not in your closet) and give it to each respective recipient of the following year’s Cheersfest.

The Horror! The Horror! Okay, This is one of Lee's favorite movie lines and he will get it and laugh. I hope.
Yes, this is a yearly event. Similar to the Masters Golf Tournament, the proceeding year’s recipient will help th new honoree put on the jacket of honor. Repeat process every year.

The Transferring Of The Jacket
Those in favor, stand and shout our AYE! Lee. please donate your jacket for 2014's Cheersfest 3.0 recipient! You can keep the bow tie.

Winding Down 2013: I'm almost to the point where I say, That's All Folks. I'm tired. I'm burned out. Lots of wild and weird and crazy stuff happening this year. Google shutting down my blog sure didn't help.

I Can Almost Say This!
But 2014 offers new hope and I have so many cool things planned. Until then, I think I'll coast until I take my yearly two or three week break for the holidays around the middle of the month.

And I will have to forsake my Annual Children's and MG Holiday Promotion. I really hate to do this as the last three years have proven most successful. But honestly I just can't do it this year. But I will pick it up again in 2014 for sure!

But I will have the Weekend Follies, at least for one more week.