Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ISWG: Insecure Writers Support Group and QR Codes

IWSG: Like many of you, I have a new book coming out this year. Some of you have already released your latest and greatest. My latest is titled Escalation and is the third and final installment of the Chase Manhattan series.
There is so much going on with the release of a new book. The actual MS and just finding time to write the darn thing. Critique partners. Editing. Cover art. Self publish of find a publisher. Agent or no agent. Promotions. Marketing. Blog Tours.
Then there is balancing work, family, and this, that, and the other thing. Arrrghhhh!!!
Not To Worry Though: There is nothing else I would rather be doing! I'm promoting Breakthrough and Opening as well as thinking some really cool stuff to promote Escalation. One method, among many, are QR Codes.
Example: Right now I'm working with dozens of local mom and pop shops such as coffee houses, bagel houses, hotels, and other establishments where people read books. Orange County, CA currently has just over 3,000,000 people plus tourists from all over the world.
My gimmick: I will consign, or simply give them, copies of my first two books to display. Sometimes we spilt the profits. Other times they can keep it.
What I'm After: The Kindle downloads. I  use a simple 8.5 X 11 display (see above image) by the cash register or at the beach where I sell paperback copies (along with business cards from VistaPrint) to display QR Codes to download my books.

It's so cost effective to use Create Space to print off copies of my books for $5.00 each. It's a small price to pay to see if customers will use the QR Codes to download my books.

I'll roll this out in a week or two.
What Are QR Codes: Quick Response codes. You see these everywhere. Simply download an app to read these codes for your iPhone or Android. I use Kaywa for Android. Your Smartphone uses your camera to see and recognize each unique QR Code, then take you to the Web page to buy or download said product or service (to ensure you are not downloading a virus).
This Is Only Test: Please take a moment to scan my QR Codes above (or download a respective app if you need to) and see if they take you to the Amazon Kindle page where you can download my books. Downloading is strictly optional.
Question: Do you use a QR Code? Do they work for you? Did mine work using your cell phones?