Sunday, August 11, 2013

Anti Blogfest Gary Fest, Escalation Cover Art, 100 Amazon Reviews, and Attention Navy Veterans

Here are my three PG-13 rated blogfests I would never join and their descriptions:
National Wormhole Day but The No-Wormholes Allowed Blogfest: This is my annual March 14th (Albert Einstein's Birthday) National Wormhole Day Blogfest. But without wormholes? The horror! The horror!
The Alien Abduction Blogfest: Meet me in the cornfield of Friday the 13th at midnight. There we will all be abducted by aliens, drugged, probed, then set free with a hundred abducted cows. No thanks!
The Get Really Drunk and Get a Really Bad Haircut and Tattoo Blogfest: This is a three-part Blogfest. Meet at Millers Low Life Bar, get really hammered, get a really bad haircut and tattoo next door, then wake up with serious regrets.
Escalation Cover Art: I’m still looking for people to volunteer to help me announce the cover art for Escalation. I hope to have it finished in a week or so. Then we can raise it up a flagpole later in August.
Thanks to all who have volunteered so far. If you would like to help, simply leave a comment or email me at
100 Amazon Reviews: My good friend Bob Sanchez, who many of you know, is celebrating his 100th review on Amazon for When Pigs Fly. That's 100 reviews!!! And I was one of them. Great job Bob! What a milestone to reach. To can check out When Pigs Fly CLICK HERE
Attention Navy Veterans: Are there any men or women who have served in the U.S. Navy? Or do you know someone who has? I have an incredible battle between the Seventh Fleet and China in Escalation and I’m looking for a few people to critique this particular scene for accuracy and awesomeness. Thanks in advance!
Writers4Writers: A reminder this month Wednesday August 21st is Writers4Writers (W4W). We will spotlight a couple amazing writers: Carrie Butler and  C. Lee McKenzie.