Sunday, March 20, 2016

A to Z Theme Reveal: Dreams

My A to Z Theme Reveal: Dreams

Where to begin? I could blog on this topic alone for a solid year and only scratch the surface. As far back as we have written records, there have been accounts of unusual phenomena occurring in connection with dreams. 

Dream interpretation is something I find fascinating and have studied for decades. Let’s go a bit deeper. What are the sources of dreams? Where do they come from? Within the person? God? An outside source? That bad burrito or double pepperoni extra cheese pizza you ate before going to sleep? 

I’ll be exploring what dreams are, the different types of dreams, and the meaning behind things in our dreams such as colors, people, location etc. It’ll be a lot of fun and I hope you stop by and visit during A to Z. I’m confident you won’t be disappointed! 

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Very Cool Astronomical Events I know people want to visit a lot of blogs and see the themes their blogging friends have chosen. So I’ll highlight a couple celestial events and leave a link if you want to come back and follow up. 

The Comets Are Coming. The Comets Are Coming I had to say that twice because there are two. 

“This is one for the record books,” says Michael Kelley of the University of Maryland, who’s never heard of two comets approaching close to Earth a day apart ... It’s a fantastic opportunity for professionals to learn more about comets, and if you have a chance to try to find them and see part of history as it happens Reference Link 

Baby Planet Ultrasounds Planets are a lot harder to study than stars, because they do not give off any visible light or radiation on their own 

"This is quite different from the case of star formation, where, in different objects, we have seen stars in different stages of their life cycle. With planets, we haven't been so fortunate, so getting a look at this very early stage in planet formation is extremely valuable." Reference Link

Question: What's your Theme Reveal? Do you find dreams fascinating, or do you pass them off as crazy stuff your brain is thinking as you relinquish control of it while you sleep?