Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dreams: A is for Abandoned House

I’ve had quite few of these and they are all houses I’ve lived in the past. And that’s the key. Often there are unresolved issues from your past.

Many believe these dreams represent a belief system, a way of life, past relationships or abandoned hopes and dreams where people hang onto something they should let go of. The settings of my Abandoned House dreams were almost always at night. 

I don’t want to start the A to Z Challenge on a bummer note, so it’s important to understand these dreams are not necessarily bad dreams. 

As I look back, some of my hopes and dreams were not the best ideas, and l’m glad many past failed relationships failed. I feel like I dodged a lot of bullets over the years and decades as many people I knew didn’t turn out so well. Abandoned House dreams are often good dreams if you dig down and think them through.

Honorable Mention: Animals (flight, land and water), Animation, and Dreams of Abundance.

Tomorrow B is for Biblical Dreams.

Question Have you had dreams centered around an abandoned house? Do you now have a more positive perspective on these types of dreams?