Sunday, September 6, 2015

Not Much To Talk About Post

Not Much To Do
Well, not much to talk about this week. I’m finalizing posts for my upcoming Salem’s Daughters Blog Tours, doing yet one more final line edit, and taking care of promotional loose ends and such. 

Next Book Series: I’m already looking ahead to a new M/G and Y/A series. Think Percy Jackson in a Sci-fi role 150 years in the future as we continue to explore ….. ah, I’ll hold off a bit on the specifics. 

But I should announce the details by the end of the year as I have quite a bit of the story outlined. A lot of artwork will be needed to help promote the series. I can do some of it, but will need help I’m sure as there will be new worlds that will have to be conceptualized. A wide range of characters and modes of travel, too. That’ll be a lot of fun as I’ve always loved art. 

Well (yawn), that’s about it. I do have my Blog Cover Reveal slated for Monday September 14th so I hope you’ll stop by for that. Have a great week! 

Question: What’s the latest and greatest with you this week?