Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Insecure Writers Support Group and Cover Reveal for Salem's Daughters

Hello everyone, and as always thanks for stopping by. It’s that time of month again for Alex J. Cavannaugh’s Insecure Writers Support Group. His co-hosts this month are Julie Flanders, Murees Dupe, Delorah at Book Lover, Christine Raines, and Heather Gardner

I have my fourth novel Salem’s Daughters coming out October 1st, just in time for Halloween. So what’s my concern this month? Reading through the text again and again and fixing things. 

ARC Readers: A big thanks to my ARC (Advanced Review Copies) readers who provided feedback regarding content, line edits, and typos and such. No writer would be successful without their ARC readers. 

Cover Reveal: One of the few things left to do is a Cover Reveal (some of you have already seen the new cover art on Facebook). My nephew, who did my first three books in the Breakthrough series, really came through for Salem’s Daughters which is far better than the cat in a hat design I came up with. 

If anyone is interested in helping me with the Cover Reveal for Salem’s Daughters, please leave a comment or reply at stephen.tremp@yahoo.com and I’ll email you the really cool looking image. The day for the Cover Reveal in the Blogosphere is Monday, September 14th or any day after that. Thanks in advance for any support you can give.  

Pre-Order Salem’s Daughters: But wait, that's not all. You can pre-order Salem’s Daughters for $2.99 here at Amazon Kindle

Did You Know: NASA’s spacecraft New Horizons is finished with the former planet and now dwarf planet (boo!) Pluto and is heading on to new missions deeper into space. Images and data from this amazing planet and its five known moons will take up to eight months to reach the Earth. 

Fun Facts (or theories): The Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud (theoretically) are what lies beyond Pluto. Just what the heck makes up these regions at the edge of our Sun’s gravitational influence? Join me at the Blogging A to Z website for insight into these mysterious and fascinating regions of our solar system. Simply click Einstein’s smiling face at the top of my left side bar or Click Here on Thursday. 

Question: What’s on your mind this month for IWSG? Can you help with my Cover Reveal?