Monday, December 8, 2014

Cool Holiday Gift Ideas, Cool Nativity Scenes, and Mr. Bean

Cool Holiday Gift Ideas: Hi all. I know many people are looking for a certain something to give a certain someone. Look no further than Think Geek. 

For example, who wouldn’t want this really cool Planetary Glass Set? I’m ordering one. 

They have toys, T-shirts and other apparal, electronics and gadgets, home nad office, even survival stuff like this coffee mug . Lots of other geeky nerdy dorky stuff too. Think Geek 

Coolest Nativity Scene Ever!!!

This One's Pretty cool Too
Murcat Manor Nativity Scene
LEGO Nativity Scene
Peanuts Nativity Scene

Red Neck Nativity Scene

Finally, I leave you with this. I think I posted this least year. If so, it’s certainly worth a repeat. It’s Mr. Bean’s Nativity Scene. Enjoy!