Wednesday, June 4, 2014

IWSG, Hump Day, Breaking My Vow of Silence

IWSG: Okay, this week I'm emerging from my Man Cave as there are two events that need my attention. Monday Carol Kilgore announced her cover reveal for Secrets Of Honor.

And today is the first Wednesday of the month. So ... guess what day it is. Okay, yes, it's Hump Day. 

But it's also IWSG, and we all know if we don't participate then we get dropped from our position. Currently I'm at what I consider a coveted Top Ten position and my fear is that I will lose that. So I'm posting and breaking my vow of silence because my insecurity is that I'll be dropped from my spot, then have to start all over at the bottom of the list. Who wants to do that? Not me. Hey, I'm not that crazy. 
Rumors Of My Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

That said, I'm also scared of the spiders and bugs in my cave. Slimy creepy crawly things that get in my beard and my nooks and crannies and such. Okay, TMI, I know.

One more stop. That's this Thursday at the A to Z Challenge blog where every first and third Thursday of each month I post something fascinating about science or science fiction or something along those lines. So you won't want to miss that!

And bonus points if you know what movie this bearded gentleman from Monday and today's post is from. No, it's not me. Really, it isn't.

See you Thursday at A to Z Blog!