Tuesday, May 6, 2014

ISWG and Murcat Manor

IWSG: Okay, lots of crazy stuff going on. I am tempted to say the biggest is to miss IWSG and get taken off my spot in the ISWG Lineup and have to start all over at the bottom. That's the penalty for missing ISWG.
Yeah, it’s a genuine concern. I don’t want that to happen. But if you read my last post my kids downloaded something they should not have and now I have malware on my PC and laptop. I am not able to link to let alone respond to another blog as a gazillion pop ups appear on my screen. And boty my tech guys are unavailable to clean my hard drive (the best way to get rid of malware and viruses and such).
The worst possible whatever on these people.
Anyway, I’ll get this mess cleaned up this month. Until then. Please don’t forget about me. I’ll try to tocuh bases with you all from work or the library this week. You’re all the bestest and don’t you ever think otherwise!
On The Upside: (rerun from Monday's blog) I dusted off a WIP from a couple years ago I outlined called Murcat Manor. It's a play on words. Mur for Murder and Cat for, well ... Cat. Murcat Manor I rock and rolled on it over this past weekend and am up to fifteen thousand words already.

Template for Murcat Manor
This will be a paranormal psychological thriller horror story with a synopsis soon to follow in an upcoming post.
I'm almost at 20,000 words and can conceivably finish the draft by the end of May!
I’ll Be Looking for an Indie publisher for this one. Thought I would try it out and see how having a publisher could work for me. If you have any advice or know of really good Indie publishers, please leave them in the comments. And Congrats!