Tuesday, February 4, 2014

IWSG, CassaFire Special, The North Star, Best Super Bowl Commercial

IWSG: Just started a new job today. You never know what it’s going to be like and those nervous bitterflies can mess with your sleep the night before. But all is well as I love this job. The hours are perfect. The drive is not bad at all. And I have lots of time to phase into the promotional stage of my book.
CassaFire Special: Alex Cavanaugh has his book CassaFire available for download for $0.99 (is he out of his mind???) Most already have theirs. But you can help spread the good word by stopping by. Stop by Alex’s Blog and copy and pasting some of his pre-written Tweets into your Twitter account. The promotion runs February 4 – 10.
Did You Know: The North Star is getting brighter. That’s right. After dimming over the past few decades, the star named Polaris that has helped people navigate for thousands of years is now growing quite bright.
Polaris belongs to a class of Cephiad Stars, or variable stars. A star is considered variable if its apparent magnitude (brightness) is altered in any way from our perspective on the Earth's surface.
Our sun is a variable star.
Polaris had different meanings to different cultures over time, but it basically means “something that serves to guide". 
Fun Fact: The reason Polaris is so important is because the axis of Earth is pointed almost directly at it. During the course of the night, Polaris does not rise or set, but remains in very nearly the same spot above the northern horizon year-round while the other stars circle around it. Reference
Steve’s Science And Other Fun Stuff: Be sure to stop by the Blogging A to Z Challenge this Thursday as I will have my semi-monthly post there.
Weekend Follies: And don’t forget, the Weekend Follies are back. Bigger, better, and follier than ever!
Best Super Bowl Commercial: As always, there are some amazing, heart touching, hilarious, and bizarre commercials aired during the Super Bowl. This year was no different. My top pick is the Radio Shack commercial as the 80s wants their store back.