Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 Celestial Events, A to Z Tip, Facebook ISWG, Escalation Countdown, Noah, and 2014 Wormfest.

New Page Tab: Check out my new page 2014 Celestial Events. You’ll find all the amazing astronomical events on tap for this year, which includes everything from meteor showers, comets, planets, solar and lunar eclipses, and much more!
You will be surprised at what you can see with an average telescope or a very good set of binoculars. You can even see many of these happenings with the naked eye.
I encourage you to stop by the first of every month and see the awe inspiring events in the nighttime heavens above us.
A to Z Tip: I notice when reciprocating to a comment that some bloggers have multiple blogs to choose from. Sometimes as many as seven or eight. And most of these sites have had no activity in a very long time.
During A to Z people like to visit as many blogs as possible. But having to run though so many links in order to find the main blog can be frustrating. If you have multiple blogs but have not posted on them in a while, hide or delete the links for A to Z. You can always add them again after the challenge.

Speaking of A to Z: Stop by the A to Z Challenge’s Site for a special post dedicated to one of the team’s co-hosts Jeremy Hawkins who broke his ankle last weekend and required surgery. He’s laid up for at least two weeks. Let’s give Jeremy, a really awesome person, some support.
Facebook IWSG: If you haven’t checked out the Facebook Insecure Writers Support Group, take a moment to do so this week. Lots of really good stuff going on over there.
Escalation Countdown: As of Monday, It’s only twenty two days until Escalation: The Adventures of Chase Manhattan is released! I hope you will join me in one way or another. We'll kick things off at Captain Alex Cavanaugh's place. No, not his house. His blog. Everyone's invited.

Author of the Week: Laura Hillenbrand. I’m breaking tradition from books written by my blogging friends.
Unbroken is an amazing true story of Louis Zamperini and one of the most extraordinary odysseys of the Second World War. It’s a story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption There will be a movie out later this year on this book. Awesome book. If the movie is half is good it will be worth seeing. Click on the image at the top of right of my blog for a full synopsis.
What To Watch: Noah. Staring Russell Crowe and Emma Thompson. Okay, so I don’t normally do movie reviews, but I do make exceptions as this falls into the category of how old the Earth and the universe is. 14.6 billion years or six thousand years old. I’m very passionate on this topic and will expound more on my post at the A to Z blog Thursday February 21st. The flood of Noah plays a huge role in this argument. Tune in next Thursday. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this one.
I’m really looking forward to this movie March 28th. Not sure how close the script will adhere to the biblical account. The event is pretty straight forward. No wormholes though. Regardless, the special effects alone will be worth going.

2014 Second Annual National Wormhole Week: If you haven’t signed up for the 2014 Wormfest hosted by Alex Cavanaugh, L. Diane Wolfe, and myself, simply sign up on the Linky List below. And CLICK HERE for a synopsis of the Blogfest. It will be out of this world!