Sunday, November 22, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving And Other Miscellaneous Stuff

Happy Thanksgiving 
Hi everyone, it’s Thanksgiving week and even though life can throw us a curve ball we still can find lots of things to be thankful about. 

Me, I’m thankful for my health, family, and that I have four books finished with another in the MG / YA genre well in the works. 

Witch One, errr ... Which One You’ve seen the black and white version of Salem’s Daughters. I also have a color version. I’m not sure about the latter. What do you think? Stick with the original black and white or use the colored version as well. I’d really appreciate your opinion. 

Promo Stuff I’ve tried a few new things this time around that I’ve never done. I’ll be sharing what worked, what didn’t, what was free, what cost money (I’ve never spent $$$ on a promo until now) and was it worth the cost. 

I’ll tell all on my Monday December 7th post. Hopefully this info will help others who have considered similar promos. 

I will say I’ve had a few overall decent rankings with Top 10 rankings in the Witches and Warlocks sub-genre that have covered the cost of the promo and then some. I have another promo coming up early December so we’ll see how that goes. 

Breakthrough Series I’ve finished re-editing the first two books and am wrapping up the last one. Can’t wait to finish and promote the three together as a series. 

Question What are some of the things you’re thankful for? And do you like the black and white or use the colored version for Salem’s Daughters?