Wednesday, February 4, 2015

IWSG, Hurricane Crimes, Kepler Space Telescope, Rob Lowe, and More!!!

Blog Blitz: First I’d like to thank DL Hammons and everyone participating in the Blog Blitz. I even picked up helpers for to help me co-host the 2015 A to Z Challenge. If you have yet to join Blog Blitz and want to be a part, check it out HERE

IWSG: Okay, for this month’s ISWG, I’m going to try and do my cover art FOR Salem’s Daughters by myself using and various images in Photoshop. I’ve come up with three ideas and will post them soon for your review and critique. I’ll choose one using my gut feeling and the feedback I receive. I had my very talented nephew do the cover art for my three Chase Manhattan books. But I want to give it a try myself this time around. I’m a bit nervous, but think I can pull it off. 

Book Review Chrys Fey: Last week Chrys Fey had an event on Goodreads promoting her book Hurricane Crimes. I’m reading a lot of novellas these days and this one seemed like just the ticket as we spent a day at the beach reading. At fifty pages Hurricane Crimes was a great fast read that I’m glad I downloaded. At $0.99 you can’t beat that with a stick. Check out my review on Amazon HERE

Artist's Rendition of Kepler
Kepler Space Telescope: Kepler is named after Renaissance astronomer Johannes Kepler. NASA launched this space observatory March 2009 to discover Earth-like planets orbiting other stars. The Kepler Mission is specifically designed to survey a portion of our region of the Milky Way galaxy to discover dozens of Earth-size planets in or near the habitable zone and determine how many of the billions of stars in our galaxy have such planets. 

The challenge now is to find terrestrial planets (i.e., those one half to twice the size of the Earth), especially those in the habitable zone of their stars where liquid water and possibly life might exist. Results from this mission will allow us to place our solar system within the continuum of planetary systems in the Galaxy. Just last month, Kepler discovered its 1,000th alien planet, further cementing the prolific exoplanet-hunting mission's status as a space-science legend. Reference 

Okay, I saw this on Facebook and couldn’t refuse ….. 

Blogging A to Z Challenge: Still wondering if you should sign up for the 2015 April A to Z Challenge? Check out this link for more info. There is almost two months remaining, plenty of time to pre-post your blogs. Pick a theme and keep each post to 100 words or less and you’ll do just fine. 

But Wait, That’s Not All: Thursday I’ll have a post at the Blogging A to Z site Thursday. Just click on Einstein’s head at the top of my left side bar, put on a tin foil hat, and prepare to be transported through a wormhole directly to the post. There will be more on Space Telescopes that is so bind boggling fascinating interesting that you may never want to watch TV again. Except for the Big Bang Theory. 

Also on Thursday the Weekend Follies is up and running. Always good for a few good laughs as we wind down the week. 

Question: Do you find all that we are discovering and unraveling about our universe fascinating? Then check out my 2015 Celestial Calendar at the tab above or CLICK HERE.